Announcement by Watani Wealth Management regarding the details of non- fundamental changes to Al-Watani Saudi Equity Fund


Watani Wealth Management announces the approval of the Fund’s Board of Directors of a non-fundamental change to Al-Watani Saudi Equity Fund; such change will become effective on (07/10/1443 H.), corresponding to (08/05/ 2022 G.)


The details of the non-fundamental change are as follows:

·         Item #3: Investment Policy and Practices

·         Item #5: Risk Assessment Mechanism

·         Item #11: Transactions

·         Item #15: Unitholders Meetings

·         Item #19: Making Changes to T&C


Unitholders have the right to redeem their units before any non-fundamental change is effective; without incurring any redemption fees.


For more information, please refer to the attached file Click here